Friday, 20 February 2009

Gabriella's Caspian

Gabriella is six years old, and this is what she wanted to share with others about her cat Caspian.

Caspian always would run up to me when I came home after school. It made me feel happy to see him when I got home. He would then race me to the front door of our house.

Caspian sometimes licked me when I pet him while he was grooming himself. His tongue felt tickly.

My favorite times were when he would climb onto my bed and sleep on my legs at night. I loved his purring.

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Our cat Caspian had to be put to sleep a couple of days ago. His liver failed. Apparently, he had a tumor in it. He was only 7 years old. We raised him from when he was a 6 week old kitten, and we will miss him terribly.

We first got Caspian on March 14th, 2001. Here is a collection of pictures we have taken of him over the years.

Caspian Kitten

Caspian Kitten1

Angelica & Caspian Kitten

Kayla & Caspian Kitten

Becky & Caspian Kitten

Victoria & Caspian Kitten

Robert & Caspian Kitten

Angelica & Caspian Kitten1

Caspian Kitten with Fizzy

Caspian Kitten2

Caspian Kitten3

Gabby & Caspian1

Gabby & Caspian









Introduction To The Kitty's Corner

All my life, I have always had a cat living with me. They are my favorite pet to own, and of all the pets I have owned in my lifetime, it was a cat that completely stole my heart. When my beloved cat Caspian died, I was heartbroken. But then my husband and I spent an evening recalling all of the good times with him and all of the times he made us laugh with his antics. It was surprisingly cathartic. That's when the idea for this blog began to form in my mind. This is a place to post stories of ours (and your) cats. What heartwarming or funny story do you have of your cat, living or passed on? What about your cat makes you smile when you think of it?

E-mail your stories and photos of your cat(s) and, if appropriate, I will post them here! With your permission, I will also add them into a compilation for a book. It doesn't have to be just stories or photos of cats that you send. You can also send poems you've written about your cat, drawings and paintings you've done of your cat and more. For example, my husband has drawn a couple of comics that were inspired by our cat which I will post here. (You must also own the copyright to any stories, comics, drawings, paintings, poetry and photos you send.)