Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Friendliest Cat Breeds?

According to a report by the Daily Mail, there was a recent study done to find out which cats are the friendliest. The Sphynx came out at the top of the list as the most friendly. Then it was determined that pure bred cats are more friendly than domestic shorthairs. The most friendly of the pedigree cats came out as Maine Coons, Persians, Birmans, Somalis, Siamese and Russian Blues. (I always read that Ragdolls were wonderfully social and cuddly cats, so I'm curious how they didn't make it into the top seven. Non-pedigree cats scored lowest for their interactions with humans, being the most likely to ignore their owners and run away from strangers.

According to the Daily Mail article, the phrase "non-pedigree cats" is the same as the phrase "domestic short-hair." I have a non-pedigree cat and although he looks exactly like a Black Smoke Maine Coon, and we were told that he is part Russian Blue, he's still a non-pedigree, mixed breed, domestic cat. He is not, however, short-haired. So where does that leave him on their study?

And as for non-pedigree cats not being affectionate, I am left wondering just exactly who they asked. Although the study states that a variety of people were asked the questions, from all different family sizes and situations, it still doesn't explain to me how they could end up with the idea that non-pedigree cats are somehow less affectionate than pure bred cats. I have never owned a cat that wasn't affectionate. With the exception of one pedigree cat, a tabby Manx KC (short for Kitty Cat), all of my cats have been of mixed parentage. They've all loved to cuddle in my lap, greet me with head butts and rubbing against me, and followed me around the house. Caspian, my tabby cat, was the cat most likely to give me affectionate head butts, and Pagan is my most vocal cat, following me around "talking" to me with meows most of the time. Talisman, another short-haired tabby, was queen of the nose-kisses, and Gambit (a long-haired mixed cat with tuxedo coloring) was the most likely to cuddle in my lap. Kacie, a short-haired black cat I used to own, loved to lap sit and would dive for both of my hands to make sure that they were both constantly stroking her, and Jynx, my daughter's cat, a short-haired tortoiseshell, loves to rub against me. (I often have to keep myself from tripping over her.) Rambo, a long-haired domestic cat who adopted my family years ago, used to leap into the air in order to be able to head butt my hands and get me to pet him, and he, like Pagan, "talked" to me often and followed me around. Bibsy, my first ever cat, a long-haired tuxedo, loved sitting in our laps. Even my neighbor's cat Lola, a domestic short-haired calico, runs up to greet me when I step outside and constantly demands that she be pet and cuddled.

The study was done in France, so I am left to wonder if French non-pedigree cats are really that different from American and British ones. I have no idea how anyone could think non-pedigree cats aren't just as friendly as the pedigree breeds.

What has your experience been with  the cats in your life?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Jynx The Kitten Playing On The Stairs

Jynx, at around 7 months old, is still very playful. She especially likes hiding behind things before attacking.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Pagan was in a playful mood today. I think he just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year!

Pagan playful 1st Jan 2011

Pagan 1st Jan 2011

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Here's to hoping your Christmas is full of magic and love and laughter, and of course, lots of kitty cuddles too!

Christmas Kitty 2010

Christmas Kitty 2010 1

This video is a bit dark and I didn't hold the camcorder very steady, but you can still get an idea from it what our beloved cat Pagan has been like with our Christmas tree and the ornaments on it.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Legend Of The Tabby Cat


The stable was quiet as the creatures gathered around the manger. The lamb, the donkey, the cat, the mice, and the doves watched as Mary softly sang lullabies to her baby. But Baby Jesus whimpered restlessly. Swiftly the tabby cat leapt into the manger and began to purr with a deep soothing hum. Baby Jesus snuggled into a comforting sleep. In gratitude to the tabby cat, Mary marked an M on the tabby’s forehead. Ever after, tabby cats are marked with the Madonna’s M in memory of this love for the Baby Jesus.

~author unknown

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Hobbes & Kittn

submitted by A. B. Sue

Hobbes was always a cautious cat, not nervous, but never rushing into anything. Kitn, on the other hand, was forever dashing into everything new. When I brought home a large paper bag one day, I thought they might like to play with it, as our cats always had when I was a child. I set the bag on the floor, lying on its side with its square bottom holding it in position so that it looked like a little cave. Hobbes saw it first. With his typical caution, he approached slowly, sniffing and looking his way up to the bag's mouth. Just as he put his head in, Kitn came running into the kitchen and jumped on the closed end of the bag. The bag collapsed with a crinkle of paper and a whoosh of air. Hobbes ran from the room, terrified Kitn following, their feet scrabbling madly on the linoleum. The dog barked and tried to chase them, her feet also slipping on the floor. I fell on the floor laughing. That brief minute of pandemonium convinced all of my pets to avoid paper bags. Kitn, however, loved plastic grocery bags. She liked to stick her head through the handles and then run around with the bag popping and slapping behind her. I think the noise was pleasing to her, but it sure startled some of my guests.