Thursday, 24 September 2015

Just a cat?

With the recent loss of my beloved Pagan, I have dreaded hearing the words I heard when I lost my cat Caspian by people who didn't understand my grief. "But it's just a cat. You can get another one."

I'm happy to say that, this time around, everyone has been very understanding and respectful of how much his loss hurts me.

But I find my mind going back to those words. Should I feel guilty for loving my cat so much? For grieving so completely?

No, I shouldn't, and here's why.

Just a Cat

He's just a cat,
But he welcomes me home each day,
His soft fur and warm cuddles
Warm my heart and center my thoughts.

He's just a cat,
But he follows me into my children's room 
When I need to wake them in the morning,
Waking them with gentle purring and soft head nudges.

He's just a cat,
But when my son comes home from school
Crying that he has no friends,
Our cat gives him comfort and friendship.

He's just a cat,
But when my daughter feels so stressed
That she makes herself sick,
He relaxes her with his soft fur and gentle purring.

He's just a cat,
But when any of us are sad,
He makes us laugh
With his playful antics and silly obsessions.

He's just a cat,
But every day, he makes it clear that he loves me.
He chats with me with delightful purr-meows,
And he sticks by my side.

He's not just a cat.
He was never just a cat.
He is family.
He is a best friend.
He is loved.
And he loves back.

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