Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Pagan the beautiful kitten

There once was a woman named Becky who adored animals, especially cats. She had a husband and children and a dog named Mercury. But recently, her beloved cat had died and Becky mourned the fact that, for the first time in many years, there was no cat in her home. Although they would never stop missing the cat who died, a home, for Becky, just wasn't homey enough if it didn't have a cat to love. So she and her husband Robert decided they would get another cat. Robert wanted another tabby cat, like Caspian had been.

One day, they were informed that their daughter Angelica's friend had a litter of kittens that needed homes. They decided to go see the kittens to see if any of those kittens were the right kitten to join their family. When Robert and Becky got the house where the kittens were, they were welcomed inside and taken to the kittens' room.

There was a cute little tortoise-shell coloured kitten. It was a female, and she was sleeping. But nothing about her spoke to their hearts. There was an equally lovely male black kitten. He was slightly bigger than the rest, and he was prancing around looking for things to play with. But again, he didn't pull on their heartstrings.

The man who lived in the house, picked up the tortoise-shell coloured kitten to set her on her paws so that Robert and Becky could see what she was like while awake. But as soon as he lifted her up and set her on her paws, Robert and Becky discovered another kitten fast asleep beneath where she had been sleeping. He was fluffy and grey. He didn't seem very anxious to wake up, but they asked the man if they could have a better look at him.

So the man picked this sleepy little grey, fluffy kitten up. He was so young that he still had blue eyes. His face and legs had ever-so-slight tabby markings underneath all of the grey, which pulled at Robert's heartstrings. But Becky knew the instant she saw him that he was meant to be hers.

They brought him home and named him Pagan.

- to be continued -

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